Services informatiques


Predictive Solutions specializes in IBM servers, new or re-conditioned.
The new servers are provided with the basic software as well as any requested software.
They come with manufacturer's warranties of 1 or 3 years.
We can advise you on the number of processors or cores to activate, to help you smooth your investment based on your scalability, then perform in the workshop the desired partitioning.
For upgrades (memories, disks, communication device or backup), we offer the choice between new equipment or re-packaged guaranteed to fit your budget.

Predictive Solutions also covers HP and DELL servers, which are re-conditioned.

Services réseaux suite


Computer maintenance is one of the many services offered by Predictive Solutions.
Traditionally, these services may be more expensive once the warranty period has passed.
But our contracts allow you to make substantial savings on long-term system maintenance.

The brands covered are :
IBM, (séries P, I et X).

Wherever you are in France, for all these brands, we can offer you one-year contracts, renewable 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.
This is the ideal flexibility to ensure you have computer maintenance until hardware renewal.

These contracts, classic in their terms, can be imagined in 24/24, 7/7, or J + 1/5 days out of 7 for less strategic servers. Their implementation is fast: 2 working days maximum.


Our virtual servers are a very powerful, secure and high availability solution.
Predictive Solutions offers a virtualized hosting model, allowing you to deliver the right power to each of your requests, in real time, from CPU to memory, from storage space to bandwidth.

Do you need more resources between such and such hour of production, or in such time range for your users ?
To launch some heavy night programs? To juggle different bones, or even multiple generations? All this is possible.

The dedicated servers allow you to have a flexible infrastructure whose resources, flexible, allow you to cope with peaks of activity as one-time needs, without having to invest in new equipment.

Your data can be replicated in real time, available through a multi-operator architecture.
A business recovery plan and business continuity plan are established with you to meet your requirements.

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